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After years of experience in the agricultural and commercial business we understood that delivering positive results to our employees, partners and clients is not good enough. That is why we decided to go with them, step by step, looking for the best version of ourselves.


Our Produce

Our main product is dragon fruit (red skin-white flesh) but we supply many other exotic fruits.

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Dragon Fruit

Exotic Fruits

Our Story

Supply The Best Exotic Fruits From Ecuador

Ecuador is a country that due to its climate is perfect for growing a wide variety of fruits. Both in the highland and on the coast you can find exotic products that are highly valued in different markets around the world. Sidelsur was born from the need to supply the demand of these markets and seeks to establish itself as the best option to get exotic fruits from Ecuador.

Lab Tests

Checking out our quality.

Fresh & Healthy

Highly nutritious products.

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Experienced staff

Our Farm

The Home For Our Farm.
Natural. Sustainable.